Monday, 25 June 2012

Speaking of Crazy

I can't believe the weather!  It is soooo cold out there - 15 degrees and falling!  Last week we couldn't get a cool spot and now we are debating whether or not to turn on the heater.  Crazy!!
Speaking of crazy........
There is a group of us working together on our own crazy patch projects.  I decided to do a quilt top, 16" blocks, 6 across and 7 down. I think I need my head examined! 
This was started approx a year ago and so far I have 41 blocks in process and 1 completed!  This means I have sewn 21 of the blocks to a base with fancy machine stitches and then will embellish each one like 'crazy' by hand.  How does one know when enough is enough? 
The other 21 blocks have also been laid out but the embellishment/stitching will all be done with the machine embellishing/texturing that I love to do.  I actually am looking forward to that part.
The one block I have completed was done by hand!!  One down, 20 to go..........
I will now endeavour to post a photo of this completed block.       Ta Da!!

I am really pleased with the completed block and very intimidated by the stack of unfiinished ones.

Photo #3 is my favourite stitch on the whole block.   Daisies with wee beads in the centres.  The fabrics I used were from my daughters wedding dress and also some from my own wedding dress.

I used over ten metres of silk ribbon plus scads of embroidery floss and scads of other silk threads.  I really can't believe how much it takes to do a design - time and thread!

Stitch on Canada!

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